In and Out of Gammaknife

Dear All,
Thanks so much for the sweet emails last time around! Feel free to use the comment box as well (hint, hint). So, I made it in and out off Gammaknife ok. This time they added a little astronaut touch to my outfit :). Now we just have to hope that it worked. My mother is visiting from Germany and helping out with the “aftermath fatigue” of the whole ordeal; little Lucinha adds lots of play, life, and happiness to the situation; Robert will be able to come for a few days from LA and my aunt will come for a couple of day as well. So, it will be a full house! Just what ‘social me’ needs. I can put all the responsibilities (well except for Lucinha) on everyone else, and just do whatever I want the rest of the time. HA! Those days are hard to come by!
Below a picture of me in astronaut outfit, and Lucinha and me resting after a long outing in the dog park.
All best,

20 thoughts on “In and Out of Gammaknife

  1. Very space-age Shani! i’m sure you are setting a trend ;)
    Wishing you a speedy recov and hopefully a visit soon, when all is quiet again ;)


  2. Dear Shani, I am really happy about what I am reading. This are Good News and I certainly agree with the metropolis Godess! Lucinha looks just like the cutest dog I’ve ever seen (and you know that I am not really known to be easy to convince to).

    Liebe Grüße an Robert und Deine Mum,
    sei umarmt von

  3. the book is really great. Written by an MD who discovered his own brain cancer by putting himself through the MRI machine, when no “test subject” was available. That was back 20 years ago when those machines where still very new and rare. His brain cancer was “deadly.” He is still alive.
    Much better compared to those “self-help” book readings. Just the right amount of science in there for my taste. Some anecdotes, but hey I guess its written for the “general public” (whoever that is!).

  4. Thanks dear, for the news and photos. So happy the Gamma knife operation is done and over with, and that you now can relax with your super sweet puppy.
    Hugs and kisses,
    P.s. You’ll hear from me soon re: HIAP!

  5. I love the dog. It was a great idea getting a dog, if you ask me.

    J’ai envie de dire que la casque d’astronaut était marrante, mais vu le regard dans tes yeux on comprend que ça n’a pas dû être très drôle. En tout cas, on t’envoie plein de bonnes ondes en direction de ton vaisseaux spatiale.

    Grosses bises.

    • Merci! J’espere que c’est un peu drole, mais c’etait en tres douloureux. Mais on en parle pas de cela! C’est ne pas bien pour la morale! Bisous!

  6. B – so, so, good to hear you are past the gammaknife – you look pretty great in the space bubble – isn’t it fashion week in NYC? ;) I’m so glad you have Lucinha – she is beautiful – you must train her to love kitties so you can both come stay with me in SF soon. xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo – s

  7. well you are getting more cosmic by the day, open to all kinds of realities and thinking ways, so i like seeing you as cosmonaut.

    that dog has got to be one of the most winning creatures i have seen since i can remember. What is she? a retriever poodle? How do you say her name Lu-Chee-na? Play! play! play!


    • She is half lab half poodle. Its pronounced “Luceenya.” Well, I am enamored of course… she is quite the vivacious explorer, but luckily she seems to learn boundaries pretty easily as well. We walk and play so much, she is already a “service” dog. She gets me to do things I haven’t been able to do in 18 months!

  8. You know that I am smitten with all things dog right now; and completely in love with my little (not so little anymore) weimaraner. But with that out of the way, Lucy (eh? Lucinda? What’s the dumb-Americanized version?) is gorgeous. And I know exactly what you mean about her getting you to do things you haven’t been doing–dogs save us, even the “non” service dogs.

    Are you coming back out here in the next month or so? I’d love to see you next time you’re out.

    Do you remember showing me Creature Comforts? So, I know this is definitely a kids series; and the words aren’t quite the same…but “Gammaknife” always makes me think of “Yo Gabba Gabba.” (Yo Gamma Gamma Knife!) The student design club I advise brought one of the founders/illustrators for the series to campus to speak and his presentation endeared me to the series. Here is a clip you can share with your adorable creature of comfort, titled “Don’t bite your friends,”

    xoo xey

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