Quick Update

Dear All,

Just a quick update before embarking to probably the “dorkiest” week of vacation in my entire life. (And I admit it right away: I can’t wait!) http://www.caninecampgetaway.com/

Things haven’t been all that easy around here, but there were nice moments as well. In May, with school ending and everyone busy finishing up teaching our meal train unfortunately collapsed. But we managed and in many ways it was nice to spend a month in New York, with no worries about having to rush to an airport any time soon. I actually got some work done for a change, and got into a kind of rhythm that I hadn’t had for a very long time.

In June we had some family support flown in from Europe and as far as chemotherapies go, I am still tolerating this one rather well. However, with my next set of scans approaching in July, emotionally and energy-wise thinks hanging somewhere rather low in the basement.

But for now, we are in the process of packing, and if only Lucinha knew what was coming, I am sure she wouldn’t look so morose laying on the kitchen floor, trying to deal with New York’s heat.

All best and more soon,