Mostly Good, with a Little Bit of Anxiety Sprinkled on Top.

Dear All,

A few days ago I received my follow-up brain MRI. It looked pretty good, except that one of the treated tumors “might” have grown slightly. It’s not clear from the imagery. If that were really the case, I would need another brain surgery, and well, that wouldn’t be so hot. But we don’t know yet. There are also 3 additional tumors that I have had all along. They haven’t been treated with Gammaknife yet and have been stable so far. Now it looks like they “might” have grown a little too. All these mighty “mights!” My doctor described the tumors as “relatively stable.” “Relatively”! Who wants that? I mean, it kind of sounds like a private detective telling you that your husband is “relatively loyal”!

Anyhow. The next scans are in January. I shall be in touch.

And to commemorate the deceased, here is a link to Cesaria Evora’s “Besame Mucho.” A rather sentimental tone, but very familiar to me due to my former-portuguese-colony ancestry. Supposedly also the song that my parents danced to for the first time (ayay!).