Gamma Knife Worked!

Dear All,
Good news. After all the initial excitement and frantic search for treatment options, it turned out that quite a few centers would accept me for “SRS” (“Stereotactic Radio Surgery”) treatment for those nasty little brain tumors. Including New York University Medical Center’s “Gammaknife Center”. So I didn’t have to fly to San Francisco after all, but got it done here in New York four weeks ago. Yesterday came the news that the treatment appears to have worked (all the brain tumors shrank significantly and are expected to continue to shrink over the next few weeks).
At the moment I am mostly fighting the side effects of the steroids they put me on (a necessity after this type of treatment) and some pain management complications, but I know its temporary, and should be over soon.
Besides that, I am doing great! I love living in New York, and even though things were a little more difficult again the last few weeks, I am still feeling so much better than I did compared to the first 8 months of this calendar year. I have a wonderful assistant I work with at my Artist Residency at Eyebeam and am feeling both passionate and productive again about my work. Most of you know me well enough to know that my level of happiness is rather closely linked to feelings of productivity … . Sometimes I get frustrated, since all these treatments to my brain certainly have left their mark. My short term memory is very bad now, and I even catch myself “rambling” when talking to people (a quality I thoroughly detest). But hey, I guess it could be worse.
My life seems to be equally divided between hospital related things, work, and friends, and as long as that balance doesn’t start tilting too much towards the hospital part of it,
life seems very livable right now.
Below are a couple pictures of our recent excursion to see the fall leafs a little north of the city . It was a wonderful day.
The other picture, I am sending (I admit it), more for its shock value than anything else.
I had to wear this contraption during the Gammaknife procedure and it looks rather frankensteinian. But it actually wasn’t a big deal at all. I was so drugged out and just remember being pushed in and out of machines and dozing off most of the time. And I was back to work only two days later! :).
All best,

Robert & Grahame working the BBQ.

On my way to the machines!